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Verification of qualified electronic signatures

Trustable provides a free service for verifying qualified electronic signatures quickly and efficiently here at sig-check.eu .

Support of the European 'Trust Service List'

Most the qualified certificates issued in the european union are recognized as 'trusted' by relying on the Trusted Service List. See the list of countries currently supported by sig-check here ...

How does Sig-Check work?

Checking Signature Files
  • Using the select button, browse to your signature file.
  • Next, browse to the signed document that you want verified.
    • The signature file will be transferred to the server of Trustable.
    • The document which is to be verified will not leave your system!
  • Next, JavaScript code will calculate the relevant hash values which will be tested against the data in the signature.
Checking Signature Files

In addition to signature files, we check certificates. The certificate chains as well as their validity and the existing attribute certificates. This verification requires access to external services. For example a connection to a TrustCenter has to be established to check the validity. We can not guarantee the availability of these services.
You will receive a brief overview at the end of the inspection operation. Then you can go over to the detailed information or you can download a verification protocol containing all the relevant information as a PDF - file.

Prerequisites for usage

To use this verification you need:
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